Here's a little help on the Inflation front

The IRS has increased the mileage rates for the second half of 2022 for business and medical miles. 

Business Miles - increases from 58.5 cents per mile (for the 1st half of the year) to 62.5 cents.

Medical Miles - increases from 18 cents per mile (for the 1st half of the year) to 22 cents.  

Charitable mileage rates remain unchanged at 14 cents per mile as that is set by statute.   


It's Tax Time and you got a few extra days that you know you can use.

For Federal tax returns the filing deadline this year is April 18th, 2022.  Check with your State Revenue office about your State filing deadline, state filing deadlines often fall in line with the federal deadlines, but sometimes not, so check.   

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