Cant find your old Pension Plans or Retirement Plans?

Hello RE Nation,

So, maybe you only worked at one or two places your entire life, and you may have decided before leaving the company to sign up for an account to be able to review your benefits (by the way this is something that everyone should do as an employee anyway to ensure that you are aware of and taking full advantages of all benefits that may apply to you), so you have kept track of your retirement accounts.  Great. 

But what about if you have been the employee that made its mark on multiple companies in your work life you just may have left behind with that company or who knows how many others, a piece of your current and future wealth. We just helped an individual reconnect with an old Pension Plan, that they completely forgot was even in existence.  Nice chunk of change that they were

Older Worker ? Use your experience

Thinking that your options for productive work is diminishing as you age?  Well on the face of it, that may be true, but this article from the Wall Street Journal has a different take that suggests that the conventional wisdom that its exceedingly difficult or near impossible to obtain work as you age - say over 55 - might be quite a tad off base.  Link to the article here - Five Myths About Landing a Good Job Later in Life . 

Share with our RE nation your experiences great or not-so-great in obtaining work in later life in the comment section below.
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