2013 Year-End Tax Planning Tips

So, as you put the final touches on your financial planning for the year, here are 9 links to year-end tax planning information you may want to review, that could impact your bottom line, from MSN Money, About.com, Morgan Stanley, Charles Schwab, CNBC, 360 Degree's of Financial Literacy, Wall Street Journal's Market Watch and Turbo Tax.    
  1. MSN Money’s 8 Year- end tax moves to make now
  2. About.com 's 2013 Year End Tax Planning by Income and Age
  3. Morgan Stanley's 2013 Year End Tax Planning Checklist
  4. Charles Schwab's Year-end Tax Tips
  5. CNBC's Year End Tax Planning Info
  6. 360 Degree's of Financial Literacy's 2013 Year End Planning Considerations
  7. CNBC's Five Tips for Year-end Tax Planning
  8. The Wall Street Journal's Market Watch - Year-end Tax Planning Ideas for U.S. Individual Taxpayers, Tax Planners, and Tax Preparer's
  9. Turbo Tax’s  Start Tax Planning Early: 8 Great Year-End Tax Tips

Please review this information with your own tax advisor or financial advisor to determine how it applies to your own financial situation.

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