Today's Saving Idea (TSI): Health Care

So you no longer have health care insurance or maybe your policy doesn't cover certain procedures.  Inform your provider of your change in status and ask for a discount.   Remember, your provider isn't a mind reader, and doesn't know what your insurance status is.   Ask if recommended procedures are absolutely necessary.   If they are, ask if there is a less expensive alternative that will produce similar results.   For medication, ask your provider if they have samples.  If you can get samples for one of every three months, that's a 33% savings right there.  Always check to make sure that the medication has not expired however.

Also check with pharmacies like Walmart and Tom Thumb among others for their low-cost generic medicines.  They carry a list of those prescriptions, which cost generally $4 for a month's supply and $10 for a 3-month supply.   Sam's and Costco's are also known for being less expensive options for regular prescriptions.   You can access Costco's pharmacy without being a member, simply inform them at the entrance that you are going to the pharmacy. 

Don't keep these savings tips to yourself - tell a friend.

Save a Little Today, Save a Lot all Year.

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