Quick End of Year (EOY) Record Keeping Tip - Mortgage Management

Log on to your mortgage servicer's website and print a copy of your payment records for the past year, this will enable you to verify that all your payments were posted accurately as you move forward to the new year.  Check to make sure that the dates and amounts actually match.  

Also print a copy of your amortization schedule this will also help you ensure that the numbers that show up on your monthly statement are what they should be - it will also gives you an idea of how much or how little your interest payment is each month, relative to your total payment.    You will notice that your interest payment decreases ever so slightly and your principal payment increases ever so slightly each month.  This schedule will also show you how your payments will be allocated through the end of your loan, if you make the regular payment at the stated due date.

Whenever you make an extra principal payment, use a separate check or a separate payment transaction and indicate clearly that you want that to be a principal only payment.   Verify on your statement and records that this is actually done.

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