Repaying your Student Loans

If you graduated from college or vocation/trade school this spring (2010), (considered your separation date from college), with student loans and a 6 month grace period, your loans are probably due this December 2010 or January 2011.   Its important that you make your payments on time.

Student loans are almost impossible to discharge, they have very few consumer protections, so you  are at the mercy of your lender or servicer, so avoid late payments which will increase your interest rates or cause you to lose your incentives or discounts.  Paying late will cause the unnecessary compounding of interest and will add penalties and fees to your loans.

Not paying at all, will cause your loan to go into default.  Defaulting on student loans can have dire consequences which could impact your entire life negatively.   Have I scared you?  You'll thank me later.

Even if you haven't received payment requests from your student loan lender or servicer, it is your obligation to make your payment on time.  So call your lender, or visit their website, create an account and get the information.

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