Apps to track Your Gift Cards

So, a number of people notified me and stated that they would be more likely to remember to use their gift cards if there was an app with features such as 1) ability to track their cards instead of pen and paper, and 2) the ability to store the actual gift card information on their phone.   Of course, having the gift card with you when you are out shopping is paramount.  Well, I practice what I preach so I have actually used up my gift cards, but I have found a few apps that may provide you with the features you need.   I have not tested any of these apps, however, so you will need to evaluate them and use them at your own risk.  Some are free and some have a nominal charge.

Gift Card-Balance Tracker - (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)  App Store .99
Gift Cards   (Windows Phone) Free
My Gift Cards   (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)  App Store .99
Tango Card   (iPhone)  iTunes App Store
Wildcard (iPhone) Free - This app states that it allows you to transfer your balances to someone else –  sounds like an easy way to re-gift.    

And finally, I came across this article that shows how to send iTunes gift cards and Individual Apps from your iOS device . 

If you have used any of these apps, or have a favorite app that solves this issue, would love to hear about it, so would you please leave me a comment on the comment link below.   Thank you.

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