Didn't file an income tax return because you can't find your tax information?

If you still didn't file an income tax return by yesterday (April 18th) the extended filing deadline, because you've moved recently and can't find your documents, or just can't find your tax documents because they are probably hiding under that pile of papers on your desk, why wait any longer - start contacting the companies that report your income (your job, unemployment agencies, brokerage houses etc.) to send you out another copy.   It will take some time, so take action.

You can also contact the IRS and request a transcript which will detail the documents that they have received from the companies that report on your income.   Order your transcript here.  You can request a regular income transcript and you can also request an account transcript which will detail  your account balances with them.  It could take 14 days to receive this, so order as soon as possible.

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