Here's a Way To Get That New Car

Cash for Clunkers!!!

Update on 8/5/09: The House and Senate have passed a bill to increase the "Cash for Clunkers" program by $2 billion. Its now available for the President to sign. So you have a FEW weeks to cash in on this program. Remember, if you can privately get more than $4500 for your trade, you may be better off, selling your car outside of this program.

Update on 7/31/09: Oops... I was mistaken, it was $250m left, not used after just one week of the CARS program. The program will be extended by another billion dollars or so, but the restrictions may get tightened, so hurry in...
Woohoo!!! Here's a great opportunity to trade in that low gas mileage auto that you have had for years. The government program will give you a voucher for $3500 to $4500 if your old car or truck has a combined mileage of 18mpg or less.

You may be able to get further help in purchasing your more fuel efficient new car, or used car as many manufacturers and dealers are offering their own discounts and sales promotions. Check your local dealers to see what they have to offer.

But HURRY!!! as the budget for this program is limited to 1 billion dollars, it ends November 1st, or when funds are exhausted. $250m have already been used up...

Now you will have to give up on your sentimentality if you want to take part in this program, as “old Betsy” will be sent to the junk yard and will be crushed, to prevent her from being back on the road with her inefficient mileage. So bring a handkerchief and say your good byes, then say hello to a brand new or used car that promises to help reduce our dependence on oil.

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